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 Welcome to the Kingfish Swim Team


The Kaiserslautern Kingfish Board welcomes you to the Kaiserslautern Military Community area and to competitive swimming in Europe. We're a competitive swim team serving Department of Defense, NATO, and other United States government related dependent children. The team competes as part of the European Forces Swim League (EFSL) which encompasses 18 teams throughout Europe hosting dual, divisional, and championship level competitions. Our primary purpose is to provide a positive competitive swimming experience mirroring programs available under the sanction of USA Swimming. The team trains novice to senior level swimmers ages 6 to 19. Our goals are excellence in swimming, personal improvement, an emphasis on sportsmanship, and fun. Monthly fees are payable based on the level of training undertaken.

The Kingfish organization has a 30 year history of excellence in sport and we want you to be a part of the excitement. 



President - Tina Tarpen

Vice President - Lauren Nelson

Secretary - Melanie McKinley

Treasurer - Kristina Golden

Head Official -  Peggy Glasgow

Meet Director - Christine Pierre-Louis

Fundraising - VACANT

Member at Large - Jill Hayes

Member at Large - Andrea Campbell

Head Coach - Chip Bassett

Head Statistician - Jan Tarpen & Johnny Soto